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William Schantz’s Recommended Low-Risk Investments For After You Retire

Low-Risk Investments For After You Retire

As you get closer to retiring, you may find yourself starting to worry about your future and that of your family. You might be wondering if you’ll be able to maintain the quality of life you’ve grown used to after all these years as part of the labor market. Luckily, there are still ways you can generate income while enjoying your retirement to the fullest.

Below, we’ll be looking at William Schantz’s recommended low-risk investments for after you retire.

Real-Estate Investment

Although some may consider the market being too volatile, real estate has consistently been a lucrative investment for buyers for years now. While you can afford to do so, William Schantz recommends buying out a small property, renovating it to your liking, and putting it on rent. You’ll see a substantial return on your investment fairly soon. It goes without saying though, that real estate investment isn’t cheap. This is one market where you must have money to make money.

Why William Schantz Recommends Buying Bonds

Bonds are a certificate representative of a set value of debt. Owning a bond means someone else is in debt to you, and that’s a valuable position to be in. How much money you stand to make depends on several varying factors, such as the price of the bond, the rate of interest on the bond, and where you bought the bond from.

William Schantz Explains The Risk Behind Immediate Fixed Annuities

If you’re looking for a consistent and reliable source of income, William Schantz advises investing in immediate Fixed Annuities. You can purchase an Immediate Fixed Annuity from an insurance company, and then benefit from a monthly passive income. However, purchasing an immediate fixed annuity comes with a certain level of risk. The major downside of immediate fixed annuities is that the buyer may not live long enough to make a substantial profit on their investment.

Shareholder Dividends

Stocks floated on an exchange represent a percentage of a company that the buyer of the stock can hold and own. As a holder of a stock, you own a portion of that company. Shareholders receive a certain percentage of company profit in the form of dividends every quarter, or every year that they hold the stock. According to William Schantz, Stock trading is a very ‘high risk – high reward’ form of investment. If the company does exceptionally well during any given quarter, you as the shareholder will stand to make a lot of money. If the company you decide to invest in experiences losses, you might fail to make back your investment at all.

Life Insurance

William Schantz points out that although life insurance isn’t exactly an investment in the traditional sense, it can still provide an additional source of passive income for retirees.  William Schantz suggests looking at life insurance plans that allow you to take out a loan, or a full withdrawal, whenever you need it. The downside to be aware of in this case, is that the value of your life insurance at the time of your death will decrease substantially if you choose to do so.

Your Finances In Your Hands

When all is said and done, your wealth is exactly that, yours. It’s up to you to decide what you’re most comfortable doing with it. Retiring isn’t easy, but if you make smart choices, you’ll be able to live out your retirement in comfort and style.