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William Schantz Recommends Best Investment Books

Best Investment Books

Investing money remains one of the major sources of increasing profits. Being a practice that has been around forever, it does not seem to slow down anytime soon. Neither does it need to.

More and more individuals are opting to take on various investment opportunities day by day. And with a majority being youngsters, it is crucial to provide proper guidance. For this purpose, William Schantz recommends some useful books on investment for youngsters to read before diving deep into the process.

After all, it never hurts to be well informed, especially when it comes to investing money safely and effectively. One should always make sure that mistakes are not made, especially those that have been made before. 

William Schantz Recommends: The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

John C. Bogle’s The Little Book of Common Sense Investing remains at the top of the list. For many, the book is nothing short of an investment bible.

It covers the most fundamental topics that any budding investor should know in immense detail. The book teaches how one can start up an adequate portfolio and depict various aspects of the life of an investor.

The book also provides investment advice for retired individuals. Hence, it not only focuses on youngsters but a much more extensive age cohort that can gain benefits.

A Beginner’s Guide to The Stock Market

The next recommendation by William Schantz is Matthew R. Kratter’s The Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market. This book is a complete guide to understanding the stock market and how it functions.

Especially for starters, it can be a source of excellent knowledge. It talks about the pros and cons of investing in the stock market and explores some of the most basic mistakes that newbies can make. All while explaining the most central and minor details of the stock market in one book.

In short, for someone who is very enthusiastic about the stock market, this book is one to read as per William Schantz. It holds everything that one needs to know in immense detail.

William Schantz Recommends: The Book on Rental Property Investing

As surprising as it may sound, the stock market is not the only place to make investments. There are many other opportunities. One of them being rental property.

Investing in rental properties is quite the norm. But there are certain aspects that one needs to take care of to do it right. And this book by Brandon Turner helps to do exactly that.

According to William Schantz, The Book on Rental Property Investing explains all one needs to know. It gives tested advice on buying and selling rental properties and choosing the best one for the most significant gains. In short, the book is a full-proofed bible for anyone who wants to invest in rental properties and make money out of it.

In the End

According to William Schantz, books are an excellent method to learn about something. And when it comes to investing money, it becomes way more important to do so, especially when such books have a significant following; they give you insight while providing you with tested advice. No matter what the area of concern is. In the end, it is essential to know everything that there is to know before investing money. After all, such hard-earned money should not be wasted through mistakes that can be avoided.