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William schantz Explains Why Retirees Should Go on Vacation

William schantz Explains Why Retirees Should Go on Vacation

When people are working or studying, taking time off to travel is a common phenomenon. However, William schantz has found that when people retire, they often question the need to travel.

Retirement is romanticized as a long-awaited, never-ending vacation. So, why would retirees who do not have any stress and do not have to wake up to an alarm clock every morning require a vacation? What do they need to destress from?

William schantz Explains Why Retirees Should Go on Vacation

Experts suggest that vacations are as important for retirees as they are for working individuals.

1.     Avoid Loneliness

William schantz’s research shows that of the biggest challenges of retirement is feeling abandoned and socially isolated. This is particularly true for those who live alone or are single or individuals whose spouses have not yet retired.

When you are working, you are in constant contact with a number of people, including bus commuters, train passengers, and co-workers. However, when you retire from work, you no longer have to commute long hours or even change out of your pajamas.

Days and months pass while you have limited contact with those near and dear to you. However, vacations can bring opportunities for interaction with friends and strangers, allowing retirees to feel less lonely.

2.     Break Routine

Retirement does not mean the same to everyone- it is a vacation for those who were looking forward to its freedom, but it can also be a sentence to those who were dreading the confinement.

Whether the retirement period ends up being monotonous or adventurous is based on the retiree’s personality, health, finances, and life stressors.

William schantz believes that the freedom of traveling allows retirees to break away from routine tasks- they can forego their responsibilities and go camping, fishing, or anything that brings them happiness. They can also move to different countries seasonally or take multigenerational family vacations.

3.     Feel Stimulated

Vacations are a great way to feel alive and accomplished. When you retire, you have the time to take part in different activities and learn different skills, languages, and customs. You can try different cuisines and meet different people on your journey.

Retirees have the freedom to make travel companions who can become friends for life and celebrate the freedom from years of responsibilities. It is also a great way to celebrate your health, as vacations require walking and other physical challenges that are bound to come along the way.

4.     Boost Sense of Self

Many people start feeling a loss of identity during retirement because, throughout their lives, they have been defined by what they do. Each time they have met someone new, they have been asked what their profession is.

However, when someone finds out that they are retired, they do not take them seriously.

Going on vacation allows the freedom of conferring a new identity- the identity of a traveler who is not judged for anything he does. This is why many retirees go on fishing trips or world cruises.

William schantz’s Concluding Thoughts

If you are a retiree or thinking about retiring, William schantz thinks that going on a vacation is one of the best things you can do for yourself.