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Stocks to Buy Every Year Before Black Friday – William Schantz

Stocks to Buy Every Year Before Black Friday - William Schantz

It’s that time of year again – Black Friday is less than a month away, and everyone is starting to get their shopping list ready. While stores might offer some amazing discounts, there are other ways you can save money this holiday season by investing in the stock market. Before Black Friday rolls around every year, it’s important to identify stocks to buy with the potential for a return down the road – and we’re here to guide you through it all! In this blog post, William Schantz discusses why now is the perfect time to invest in stocks before the busy Black Friday rush begins, as well as which stocks you should be targeting. So get your portfolio ready and start preparing for an investment-filled Black Friday season!

William Schantz Lists Stocks to Buy Every Year Before Black Friday

When it comes to making the most of Black Friday, stocks should be top of mind for savvy investors, says William Schantz. There are several stocks that experts recommend buying before Black Friday hits each year in order to capitalize on potential savings and gains.

One stock that many financial advisors suggest is Amazon (AMZN). This tech giant has a wide selection of products, from electronics to apparel and more, with plenty of discounts available during the holiday season. With their recently increased customer base due to COVID-19 restrictions and stay-at-home orders, there’s no telling how much consumers will save this coming Black Friday. In 2019, Amazon’s total revenue was $280 billion – a staggering number that could climb even higher this year. Similarly, their net income grew to a remarkable $11.6 billion in 2019. With Black Friday sales expected to increase as well, investors should keep an eye on this stock before the holiday season begins.

Another great stock to buy is Apple (AAPL). This company has had consistent success over the years and continues to be a leader in the tech industry. They are sure to offer plenty of discounts on their already popular products, such as iPhones and iPads, during Black Friday this year too. Last year, Apple’s total revenue was $260 billion, with a net income of over $55 billion – impressive numbers that could continue to rise thanks to growing consumer demand for their products. Purchasing Apple stock now will ensure maximum savings and gains when Black Friday rolls around.

Finally, Walmart (WMT) is an excellent stock to consider before Black Friday shopping begins. According to William Schantz, this multinational retail giant has a wide variety of merchandise, from groceries to toys, apparel, and more. In 2019 they reported total revenue of over $500 billion with a net income of nearly $14 billion. With their competitive prices and the potential for massive discounts on their products this coming holiday season, investors should take advantage now by purchasing Walmart stock before Black Friday hits.

William Schantz’s Concluding Thoughts

As one can see, buying stocks before Black Friday is essential for making the most out of the holiday season. Each company, as per William Schantz, offers something different, but all have proven successful in the past year, as evidenced by their revenue numbers. Amazon’s total revenue was $280 billion, Apple’s total revenue was $260 billion, and Walmart’s total revenue was over $500 billion. With these stocks purchased before Black Friday, investors can reap the benefits of potential savings and gains from their shopping experience.