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Major Public Health Concerns According to William Schantz

Major Public Health Concerns According to William Schantz

Health issues are everywhere, but some are more persistent and widespread than others. Here are some of the major public health concerns, according to William Schantz.

William Schantz’s List of Major Public Health Concerns

Substance Abuse

According to William Schantz, a fairly large number of deaths and injuries every year can be attributed to the effects of substances like alcohol and abused prescription drugs, . From overdose to violent behavior, as well as alcohol poisoning and organ damages, there are a number of ways alcohol contributes to the total health concerns.


One in six people fall victim to foodborne illnesses every year. While it is preventable, William Schantz thinks it is still a fairly high risk due to the lack of  adherence to food safety regulations.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is another major cause of public health problems. Stroke and heart diseases are both a result of high blood pressure and high levels of LDL cholesterol in the body, which is a result of the problem of obesity.

Obesity, Exercise & Nutrition-Related Problems

A fair number of people are affected by the lack of proper nutrition found in food, the lack of physical activity that can keep your body in shape and obesity as a whole. High-calorie foods and drinks like fast food and sodas are very common, which is contributing to the problem. According to William Schantz, there is great emphasis on making sure healthy options are available, and pushing individuals to understand what a healthy weight is for them, and to incorporate physical activity in their lives.

Injuries Due to Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicle accidents are also a leading cause of public health safety concerns. About one-third of annual deaths in the United States, for example, can be attributed to speeding, while another one-third is a result of drunk driving. Using seatbelts and driving without any impairments or distractions, or under the influence is highly emphasized for the sake of public safety.


HIV diagnoses are on the decline, but a very large part of the population is still at risk. In fact, quite a lot of people don’t realize that they are infected, and thus end up spreading the problem without realizing. It continues to be important to take safety measures against the disease.

Mental Health

According to William Schantz, mental health issues have become so widespread that they are now considered a major public health safety concern. This could include anything from depression and anxiety, to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in old age. Left untreated, some mental health problems can also lead to suicide.

Access to Health Care Makes a Difference, Says William Schantz

William Schantz also emphasizes that the lack of access to proper, affordable healthcare services is also a great contributor towards the public health concerns. This is because without proper guidance from a professional, the average citizen is unsure on how to care for their body, and if something goes wrong, are more likely to try and deal with it themselves.